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Pipe Cots (root births)

Pipe Cots (root births) info wanted
Posted: 4 Apr 2010 - By: Jonathan (& Terry Haskins) Rees
We're planning to fit pipe cots to our R36 which was not fitted with them from new.

Before I do this I would be very interested in any comments from those who have used them in anger to avoid me having to learn by trial and error.

I've only seen photos of R36 interiors showing the position of the location slots but never an assembled cot so I'm having to improvise everything else.

1/ I gather from the one previous post on this topic that a bit of "sag" is a good idea but how much?

2/ Do you just use the lower position when at anchor and the upper one when underway or is it necessary to "tack" the cot along with the boat!

3/ Do the originals have a lee cloth or is the "sag" enough to keep you in place whilst underway.

4/ What are they made from? ordinary canvas?

5/ Is there still room to use the saloon berths below the cots? it looks a bit tight to me, especially on the port side where the table is in the way.

Any other tips appreciated.



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