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Sealift at Gosport

8 Dec 2014

We tried out the Sealift at Gosport on Friday. Here’s some pictures of the experience. 

We called them and booked an hour slot several days ahead. The chap in the office asked us the size, beam and draft of our boat and explained that we must arrive promptly and that there was a waiting pontoon nearby.

Friday was a misty day with little wind so conditions were easy. The first photo shows the posts set to just larger than our beam. Just before our time slot, the Sealift team called us up and asked us to motor slowly between the two yellow posts and aim to stop the boat with the posts at midships. We did this and the yellow posts moved in slightly to hold us upright. 


We were quickly thrown a bow and stern line and asked to make them off fast. You can just see Pete attaching the bow line in the previous photo. The other end of these lines is fixed fore and aft of the platform under our keel. 

We were then passed anther two lines and asked to attach them fore and aft on the boat. One of the Sealift crew then held these lines to keep us square while the platform we had sailed onto was gently lifted. 

Here you can see the platform appearing from below the water.

and here is the bow line attached to the front edge of the platform.

Once the platform was dry, we climbed down the ladder on the side of one of the posts and were able to wander around under our boat inspecting the weed and the state of the anode. This is the first time we have lifted Sally since we have owned her so it was very interesting to see how the anti foul was lasting and the position of all the seacocks.

The crew scrapped off the worse of the weed, not too bad considering she has been in the water for a year. Then we retired to a safe distance and the pressure washers came out. What looked like it might be a lot of fun for the first five minutes began to look like hard work and I was glad to let someone else do the work. 

There was a grimy mark along the water line all the way round the boat but particularly on the port side. Last winter’s weather had kept the worse off the starboard side. The crew used a mild scouring pad to clean up the waterline and then rinsed down again. 

Here are the results. 

We were very impressed with the experience and the crew were very thorough and friendly. They would also have changed the anode for us as part of the cost if we had had one ready. As it was this one looks like it might last anther season so we’ll bring a new one next time.

The price for our boat was £217 inc vat which is slightly more than a traditional lift and scrub. Hasler Marina is 3 miles from our mooring and we were done in an hour. Both these factors plus the friendly service means we think the money well spent and would definitely use them again. 

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