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Posted: 23 Jul 2017 - By: Alan Green

About ten years ago I made the mistake of sailing with someone with a difficult personality . Whilst about 4 hours out from my mooring he demanded that I should make him a cup of coffee . I did , whilst down below I told him NOT to put the boat on auto tiller as we were trying to sail goose winged , difficult in a Rival with Rival roll . The idea of sailing Goose winged was his ,ignoring my suggestion that it was not a good idea . He completed putting it on auto tiller just as I put my head through the companionway with coffee . I was just in time to get the main sheet in the face , sliceing right through my top lip and throwing me violently sideways . Luckily dispite this most of his coffee was still in the mug . He proceeded to slurp this whilst I mopped up huge amounts of blood and took control of the boat , then helm the four hours back single handed and put her on her mooring single handed . The first help I got was when I saw looks of horror on peoples faces in the boat yard , one of the boat yard employees grabbed me telling me to leave my boat they would do it and I was rushed to hospital and recieved many stitches in my face . Afterwards when I looked at my Musto gold sailing suit and saw more dried blood than gold I realised the sight that I must have struck when I sailed onto my mooring . Who's fault was all this , mine of course !! It needs no explaining . Before you go sailing with someone you dont know well , find out more about them . This man was not a novice to sailing , he was/is an RYA master , but , his attitude WAS well known to others . If I had taken the main sheet (or boom) harder than that I would not be alive now , and I believe there are more deaths from main sheets than booms . I now have a Scott boom lock and an attitude that when someone becomes to dominant on your boat , they go !!


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