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Posted: 22 Dec 2014 - By: Jose & Jules (Fubbs) Lamas


20 years ago I was sailing a 30 foot cold moulded sloop I owned from Faversham to Copenhaguen via the Kiel canal. I had a friend with me and we where making good progress towards the Frisian Islands with a following breeze. My crewmate had gone down below to make a cup of coffee while I fiddled with a boom preventer on the coach roof. Suddenly the boat rolled and gibed and the boom knocked me over the side. Luckily the boat had low freeboard and I just managed to grab a shroud as I went over the side. I was holding on to the shroud being dragged in the water up to just over my waist, not good. The funny thing is that my head was level with the porthole on the coachroof next to the galley and through the porthole I could see my friend peacefully making his cup of coffee. I realized then that recovery was up to me... I am not sure how I managed it but I must have given a mighty pull and got myself back onboard. I sat wet and panting on the sidedeck and a few minutes later my friend came out with his coffee, he smiled and said "allright?" 




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