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Replace Rival 34 Rotostay furler

Posted: 8 Dec 2021 - By: Steve & Gill Nicholson

I have a Rival 34 which is fitted with a Rotostay furler. According to to the instructions it is a model D,E or F. Due to the pressure of work the boat was laid up for a few years, causing the drum to seize up. As Rotostays are no longer made, and therefore spare parts are hard to find, i am trying to work out a not too expensive solution. So far, I have tried without success, to separate the foils from the drum using a soft hammer and penetrating oil. A rigger i have spoken to has suggested that these parts tend to get welded together, and they get destroyed in the process of removal. Should i:-

1) Try to find a second hand Rotostay with an unseized drum to replace my existing one?

2) Replace the Rotostay with a different make, possibly a second hand Furlex, as my existing spars are Selden and Furlex is still made?

3) Should i replace the forestay wire at the same time? As the diameter of the forestay wire is difficult to measure because of the furler apparatus, will it be the same as the backstay, which is easy to measure?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


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