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Rival Bowman 36 Deck Repaint

Kiwi Grip
Posted: 13 May 2021 - By: Alexander Bezzina

Hi guys as promised here are some pictures taken of the progress and the final finish of the painted deck managed to complete it in just two days Monday and Teusday, Before that I have just made a test patch the previous week to try it out will send the photos accordingly. First day spent a whole day sanding by myself and washing the deck. the following day surface preperation with a good friend of mine Marlon including washing again drying and applying musking tape, once that has been completed I appplied one coat of kiwi grip to get the desired texture. 

I used 80 grit paper to make the surface rough so that the paint will attach its self permanentley.

I also suggest not to use the blu musking tape as its very difficult to remove once its sticks and once the paint an texture has been applied the tape must be removed otherwise you will have a very tough time removing the tape. I used reguler yellow musking tape I found it worked best!

Also for the final surface preparation before applying paint I do not suggest using a degreaser or acetone as that will leave a very tin film that in time will detatch the paint from the roughened deck make sure the deck is properly dried before applying any paint. Here are the pictures with the progress :)

These are the before and after pictures:


This was the test patch for the anchor winch locker.



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