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Rival 31 rudder removal

Posted: 3 May 2021 - By: Paul Weeks


Hi I need to do one of two things to the rudder of John Silver our 1973 Rival 31. I drilled 10mm holes in the top and bottom of the rudder, about a litre of fairly smelly seawater dropped out over a 24 hr period (it's still weeping now after a week). Inserting a long screwdriver in to the top section of the rudder it's obvious the "foam" or "dough" used internally has broken up and is waterlogged. Option 1 is let water continue to drip out, force air through the rudder to help dry it out, then fill in the holes and leave it at that? Option 2 is to drop the rudder, open up one side with a 25cm x 75cm aperture, clean out old foam, dry out, then fill the void with closed cell foam and epoxy filler, then replace panel and grout it in place. If I remove the bottom fitting and take off the tiller assembly will the rudder drop? From Peter Brett's technical drawings it shows tufnol bearings held in with machine screws, I think this is to locate the bearings and not the rudder shaft itself? Any advice will be gratefully received. Thanks in advance.







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