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Rival 36 Stern Gland

Posted: 26 Jan 2021 - By: Chris & Nicky Day

I have an old fashioned (presumed original) stern gland on Andando, with a manually operated greaser. This works well but was starting to need slightly more frequent topping up.

Having had the boat for a few years, I though it was time to re-pack the gland. On removing the large nut at the forward end of the assembly, I was expecting to see some hemp rings: however the space between this nut and the assembly is void of hemp or grease. Pictures shown below - forward end is to the right in each case.

The mechanic in our yard says he can only imagine that the gland has been fitted back to front...  but can any other owner tell me if I'm missing something? I'd be most grateful for your thoughts!                    








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