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R32 Lazarette Locker Lids

Posted: 1 Jan 2021 - By: Simon Harrison

Geoff Crowley has asked on Facebook about replacements for his timber lazarette locker lid and my solution might be of interest. Folie Douce is a 1978 Mk3 R32 and came with a fibreglass lazarette lid with two wooden handles and a line secured to the centre inside led down, through a hole in a transverse bulkhead and up to a jam cleat inside the port cockpit locker. Cheap fixing method, but very inconvenient. The thought of picking up this cumbersome lid whilst at sea, finding somewhere safe to place it whilst accessing the locker, and then re-threading the line to re-secure it was unacceptable.

My solution, after several years of pondering, was to design, make and fit a pair of stainless steel hinges which fit on the aft edge of the lid and fix onto the sloping face of the aft combing. They took so long to design because as they open they lift the lid so that it does not foul the combing. The hinges open and stops at the vertical. A liferaft could be fitted to the lid and the hinges are designed to take its mass, and the pushpit has an opening to allow a liferaft to pass through.

The hinges, as designed, do the job and the lid is very secure. There are two fixings on the forward edge of the lid which interface with their other halves fixed to the after vertical face of the aft cockpit combing. These latter take padlocks, or a pin. A foam strip fitted inside to interface with the lip which is part of the deck moulding seems to seal well enough but I don't have green water washing down the sidedecks often, if at all.

To manufacture the hinges I used a hacksaw, several blades, a small vertical milling machine and a polishing machine. It took many hours and some sweat. The accuracy in hole positioning provided by the milling machine was necessary for the hinges to work.

Photos attached and if you would like copies of the drawings please just ask.


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