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R36 (1987) diesel tank cleaning

Posted: 4 Nov 2020 - By: Seamus Quinn

My yacht Adrigole was a good fit out in Southampton but the 180 ltrs SS diesel tank fitted aft of the engine with about 6inches clearance of the cockpit floor sole does not have any inspection plate/hatch. I fitted a secondary separ fuel filter system to improve easier fuel filter changing when on offshore passages but always in the back of my mind I reckon there is a “ carpet” of sludge/gunk inside on the floor of the tank. I have sourced a potential part ie. SS inspection access plate from who assure me they can be inserted on top or side of tank & are leak proof. I could cut hole in cockpit floor (installing plastic type hatch) & insert SS metal access plate on tank top or otherwise more easily fit vertically on front of tank near engine. Questions (1) does anyone know if inside of the tank is a full open space or are there metal divisions/compartments  blocking full access? (2) advice welcome from anyone who has found a solution on the R36 tank or similar Rival boat builds ? 


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