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R36 freshwater hoses (ID) size ?

Posted: 28 Aug 2020 - By: Seamus Quinn

Hi my R36 Adrigole is on the hard in Lisbon & mothballed till next june(2021)due to covid-19 ...... on the day when I was leaving boat for flight last feb I discovered that the freshwater was leaking into the bilge & due to the tonnes of stuff in the storage area behind the chartable I hadn’t time to remove all & get to remove inspection panel to see water pump etc  prior to flight . I would say all internal water hosing needs replacing anyway as it’s probably 33 yrs old now . My question is - does any other R36 owners know the” internal diameter” of hosing needed to replace ? I am excluding the very wide extra strong hose that goes from the outside filler direct to the water tank .tnks Shay






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