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Interior hull and locker paint

Posted: 9 Jul 2020 - By: Rainer Mack

Hello everyone. I am needing to repaint lockers on Burbony, a 1985 R36D. The boat has its original (so it seems) bluish grey paint throughout all the lockers, bilge, etc. I'm assuming it's an enamel similar to Interlux's BIlgekote, though it's less glossy than that product. I've attached a photo of one of the small lockers in the cabin sole.

I'd like to match it if at all possible since I'm not able right now to paint all the relevant surfaces. So my question to the ROA brain trust is, first, do we happen to know what might have been used in 1985? If not, has anyone successfully matched this same paint with another product?

I am in the States, by the way, so will have limits on what I can find.

Thanks, in advance, for all recommendations and suggestions!


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