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Empty space for water tank?/

Posted: 3 Apr 2020 - By: Philip Allwood

Hi All,

just bare with me here please; my R34 is from 1977 when the sink area in the galley was at the back of the galley area. behind that at the worktop height is the access to the 'ice' box that stretches under the cockpit seat portside. out board of which is a storage area for whatever..

Under this and obviously portside of the engine is an empty void that is closed off from the portside cockpit seat locker by a plywood bulkhead (removeable) in my void there is already a glassed in shelf for some reason?? a friend found a black water tank was located there but never connected up, so it was changed to a fresh water tank.

question then, does anyone have the dimensions of this area as i can't find them anywhere in any of the technical drawings or writings. and as the yachts in Turkey iand i'm in the UK i can't get there to measure it myself either. 

any details or info or measurements greatly received,


cheers Phil


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