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Bowman 40 electrics

Relays and circuit breakers
Posted: 1 Jan 2020 - By: Roger Smith

Hi All, - We are the proud new owners of "Idle Wild", a Bowman 40 who has been a little neglected following the death of the previous owner. Looking at the 12 volt electrics, there are a bunch of circuit breakers, a monster fuse for the anchor windlass and three big relays under galley sink - this looks like original equipment for the style of it - Does anyone know if this is so? Following on from this, as far as I can work out, all three lots of batteries (engine/starter, "house" and windlass) are (were) all connected together by brass strips between the relays - this seems very odd. There was also a quite thin brass strip joining two studs across the rear of the breakers which seems to have got very hot at some time, I am guessing because of he loading going across it. I am currwently fitting a split charging system and also wqiring up the battery charger (mains) so that it charges all three banks seperately. If anyone has any photos of this area or more info about this set-up I would be very grateful.





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