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R34 Inner stay

Storm jib
Posted: 28 Nov 2019 - By: Alistair Cook

Hi ‘Villager’ my R34, 1977, has an inner stay. The stay is affixed to the mast with a s/s half-round collar riveted to the mast at the top end of the stay, thus being located above the hounds. On the foredeck a s/s through-deck fitting has two eyes, the Fortas one is connected to the s/s stay, and the after eye has a s/s short wire strop, maybe to attach the tack of the storm jib? There’s a halliard the same diameter as the main and genoa running through a tufnel block attached to the mast above the inner stay collar fitting, and uses an identical half-round collar riveted to the mast. Villager came with a crinkly storm job with piston hanks on the luff, sheets, and two sheet cars to add to the genoa ptrack. My question is based on the fact that I don’t know if the Genoa furling gear was retro fitted and the storm jib is meant to be set on the forestay with the inner stay just providing additional mast suppprt or maybe an additional foresail for down wind sailing. Villager took part in the AZAB event in ‘92 so she may have been ‘tweaked’. Can any members provide an insight 




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