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Kemp masts

running new cables
Posted: 8 May 2018 - By: Philip Allwood


Hi all,

just thinking of running new cables up the mast, again.. last done 14 years ago.

i note that there is no seperation between cables and hailards inside the mast and that they all wobble about together.. probably why the tri-colour at the top of the mast doesn't work any longer..

just wandering how any otehr forumites have gone about getting over this situation?

i was thinking of bundling all the cables together and then wrapping them in a spiral plastic case, this though would be quite a largish single wrap, probably somewhere in the region of 16-18mm.

it's an old kemp mast i beleive and the only entry holes are two 10mm ones either side of the aft mast foot and then one 10mm 2/3 up in front for the steaming light and another stbd side at the top for the antenna and tri-colour light cables.

Any ideas greatly reveived,

Cheers Phil 


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