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Standing Rigging for R36

Best material for stays?
Posted: 12 Mar 2018 - By: Tim Mitchell

I am planning to re-rig the standing rigging on my R 36, Delphin.  I have a conventional cutter rig. Current rig uses 8mm diam. Diform. My rigger says replacing with the same will be considerably more expensive than using conventional stainless rigging wire of the same diam. It is difficult to find absolute guidelines on what to use. Generally, Delphin is "over engineered" in that the previous owner tended to over-specify key parts (engine, alternator, batteries, anchors etc), so may have deliberately overspecified the rig. Any advice on wire type and size most appreciated. Also, I will be replacing my aged Rotastay at the same time. I will probably go for a Furlex for best value for money; does anyone out there have good/bad experiences from recent furler replacement on their Rivals? Thanks.


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