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Quarter berth area

Posted: 13 Jan 2018 - By: Charles McGrory

Quarter berth area improvements

Here is a work in progress where original quarter berth area was taken up with utilities, now being removed. A comfortable Q berth is the objective along with freeing up the area for new electric panels on outboard area. First step was removal of deck drains into the boat. Scuppers were added to take sea or rain water off the deck under the toerails.

The scuppers are cut under the toerail. I will take much closer photos and post. Dockyard spectator wisdom is that they are too small. If proved so, I will cut longer fore and aft under the toerail. With lots of spray upwind in a force 6 chop they were adequate. They are about 50mm long and 12mm high. There are three of them. I placed them in same area as original deck drains.I cut them flush with the deck, using drill for pilot hole, multitool blade for perpendicular cut, then router for the slot.. Then sealed with epoxy to protect the laminates. They need smoothed. But much safer than having dumps of sea water or torrential rain water, coming back inside the boat. When I sealed the deck drains and had not cut yet the scuppers. I was amazed at the volume of rain water piling up and over the toerails in minutes. It does not make sense to bring sea water and rain water into the boat.

In my Rival 32, the starboard drain pipes were travelling back down into the q berth area into the cockpit drains. The port deck drain tubes are almost unreachable having been led under the fuel tank. But they are sealed from above. On another Rival 34 I have seen they drain down from the deck and then outboard back out of the hull just above the LWL. I don't know if there are seacocks there, doubt it, in which case I would not like such holes near the LWL.

Stage 1 Original

These above are stage 1 original outboard set up.

Stage 1 Inboard this above shows the combined deck drains leading into cockpit starboard drain


Stage 1 inboard. You can see the mess of pipes, pump. greaser, electrics. The blue pipe was the water tank breather hose rising full in the middle of fhe q berth space. Also I cut an inspection hatch into the inboard lower panel to allow quick view of the stern gland. The full lower inboard panel can be detached for access to gear box. The cockpit side walls and sole were open to q berth space, unsightly and adding to engine noise.

Stage 1 inboard. And again, you can see the mess of pipes, pump. greaser, electrics

Stage 2. Work in progress

Stage 2 Inboard. The greaser and pump are relocated. Greaser into engine compartment and pump to starboard cocpit locker. The water tank blue breather hose was relocated to starboard cockpit locker thro' the engine compartment.

The electrics will be removed. Only the morse controls will remain in original position.

I installed wooden panels to clean up the previously exposed cockpit walls and sole. The panels hinge up to allow access.

Stage 2 Inboard.Here is the moveable pipe berth support which can be moved with future bunk boards to allow access below. Must remember to paint over the orignal siting of the bunk pipe. I lowered the pipe socket to be horizontal inline with the bilge stringer. The bunk boards will sit on the pipe with retention vertical boards on the pipe inboard and then to sit on the starboard bilge stringer. Also the remaining inboard gap will have panelling and  will be covered over. There is the small detachable inspection hatch (not yet painted) cut to allow quick inspection of the stern gland.

Stage 2 Outboard.You can see the sealed deck drain pipe spigots which will serve to be attachments for future electric panels installed on this starboard side.

Stage 2 Outboard. This upper area will be dewired and after new electric panels (detachable) installed will have a clean panelled overhead. Better view of deck drain spigots kept for anchorage of future electric panels.

A work in progress. Comments are welcome.


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