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Rival 34 and New Beta

Modifying the Mounts
Posted: 28 Dec 2017 - By: Roger & Audrey Kynaston

I've been away from these fora for a while but now have a big topic to ask!

Our old Bukh DV24 gave up the ghost in August and we had a busy boat show looking at all the engine options.  We were likely to go for a Beta and such proved the case.  The thing is that the Beta people persuaded us of the wisdom of going for the 30 rather than the 25.  Now the 30 mounts are 10mm further apart than the DV24 which means that the current setup with the engine sitting on angle irons bolted to the beds are not going to work.

Has anyone else gone through this process and can anyone make any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.



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