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Obsolete parts

Making my own
Posted: 28 Nov 2017 - By: Geoff Crowley

In various refurbishment jobs I've done on Contender, (1974? R32), I've found that some items are redundant and have had to make my own bits.

These include:

A prop nut. Original was bronze I think, but possibly brass, castelated nut, but had corrosed from inside on the threads, and was loose. Only the split pin held it and prop on. I made my own in 316 SS last winter, and it's done a season happily. (SS shaft)

Winch pawls. The Gibb, single speed manual winches on the Kemp mast were a bit tight, making sail raising a chore. This winter I pulled them off and the pawls were worn, and the shafts gunked up. A thorough clean sorted out the rotation of the drums, but where to find pawls. After exhausting several promising leads, I ended up making my own. They're brass (as were the originals) with chrome plating. I had to make new springs too. Reassembled yesterday and the winches feel like new.

Mainsheet traveller bar end stops. My mainsheet runs on an aluminium bar which is X shaped in cross section. It had an end stop to stop the car running off the ends, on each end. These were an aluminium casting, with a old perished rubber stopper in each. They had a spring pin to adjust their position, which had siezed on both. I machined new blocks and tapped them to take a delrin slam plate (to replace the rubber) on each face. They have done 1 season with no issues.

Goose neck. Have made a new one , but not delighted with it. It's a welded repair really. Back to the drawing board on that one.

Seacock hose fittings. All in copper originally - ordinary plumbing copper tube of various diameters, mainly 38mm. Made new 316 SS pieces for these and fitting them this winter.

Original Stuart seawater inlet valve / strainer. Strainer was brass, and lasted no time, a replacement brass one made also lasted only one season. I've now made a new one from plastic pipe into which I drilled about a hundred holes. We'll see how that does?

Various floor boards. That's just ordinary carpentry (not my strong point), but replacing the heads area flooring this winter. Marine ply and stiffening behind.

I wonder what I'll find next that I can't get parts for and will have to make? I quite like the challenge though!



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