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Stern Tube

Water injection
Posted: 11 Nov 2017 - By: John Molloy


I have a Rival 36 and am having o replace the cutless bearing and propeller shaft.  Whilst dismantling I have noted wear to the shaft in way of the cutless bearing.  I am surprised that I am having to replace it as the last one was only replaced some 4 years ago and the shaft ha only been subject to ordinary and not excessive use.  

Whilst dismantling I noticed that there is a water feed on top of the shaft and aft of the greaser inlet.  This water injection tube is and has never been connected during my ownership of the boat and were it needed to be connected, I am unsure as to where this might be.

Can anyone advise me please if thi is an essential componanent to stern tube lubrication and ought it to be connected?

Many thanks



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