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R 32 prop

Axiom 2 bladed fixed prop
Posted: 8 Oct 2017 - By: Jan Derks

There have been a number of opinions and/or discussions on props on this forum so I thought I might just as well add mine.

I fitted an Axiom 2 blade fixed prop and after some lengthy discussions with the manufacturer we dicided on a  LH 14" diam X 18degrees pitch ( which equals 9 " pitch) for my R 32 with a 18 HP Volvo.

The Axiom prop  which has a distictive S shape blade was tested in the folding and feathering prop test of Yachting Monthly, where it was included as a 'joker'.  In the test the Axiom had the least prop walk and the best backwards bollard pull. Exactly the two things my old prop would not do.   With  the old prop the R 32 went all over the place.

Now with the new prop after a season  of sailing it does what it promised. The R32 goes backwards straight as an arrow with low revs and with higher revs it will prop walk to sb which can be very useful at times. The new prop will in fact stop the boat, and with  the rudder hard over the R 32 goes in shortish circles both over sb and port . Forward the boat goes a a reasobable 5 knots cruising. For local club racing I marked  the shaft in order to stop he engine with one blade behind the prop skeg, but keeping the rating for a fiixed two bladed prop.

Pricewise it is roughly double the price of an off the shelf two bladed prop, but a third or a fourth of a folding/feathering one depending on sophistication.

The test and the site of the manufacturer are easily found on the net.

Hopefully this might be of interest for some fellow Rival owners.

Cheers, Jan Derks R32 CARBONARA




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