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Rival 41 ac deck, headliner

Posted: 27 Jan 2017 - By: Brinton Young

I am contemplating the purchase of a Rival 41ac based in Salisbury Massachusetts. Some obvious issues with the boat include:

1. The teak deck is original and worn, so that many of the bungs have fallen out.  Looking at the anchor well hatch, there appears to be adequate thickness in the deck. None of the  planking is sprung. Refastening the exposed screws rather than replacing the whole deck would seem to be an option, or  is naive?

2. The technical plans on this site indicate that the deck and cabintop have balsa cores. Have those cores been a problem for Rivals? A moisture  meter and much jumping should identify problems right?

3. The headliner has become detached from the cabin ceiling, due to foam delamination. Is this common? Is the fix laborious?

4. rigging is original, nearly forty years old, but should be replaced regardless of apparent condition, as corrosion may not be detectable, right?


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