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Rig Tuning R34 / mast vibes

Posted: 6 Sep 2016 - By: Mawal

hi, does anyone have specific tips for R34 or can offer some useful guidelines apart from what can be dug up via Google?

We replaced standing rigging last March and haven't made any major adjustments since then. Our summer trip was to Biscay and just before returning we went round and tightened up everything to approx 15% of breaking strain according to the measuring tool we had. On the leg back to Cork from Scilly we had force 6-7 on the beam and it set up a noisy vibration in the mast and mainsail. 

Lots of people (on the web) talk about this happening while at anchor or docked in moderate breezes, but not so much underway in a strong wind. Quite a few theories on how to fix it.

Has anyone else experienced this on a R34? My rigger recommended tightening to 20% - especially in heavier weather. Also to have leeward wires a little loose was a way to check, but its a bit vague. He recommended a book which was published by John Masts of Denmark as the best and most easily understood guide to rig tuning for yachts, does anyone have a copy please?

Some good breeze forecast for Friday so we might head out & try experimenting and sail across the harbour to see the riggers too.






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