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Pointing higher

Posted: 5 Jul 2016 - By: Geoff Crowley

Last winter we fitted AIS. It's been interesting in many ways, but one of note is to be able to compare angle sailing into the wind with others in races.

Just back from Round Mull Race 2016. One thing I noted in the beats to wind was the difference between us (R32) and everyone else, was that our angle of approach to windward is worst of the fleet.

What can I do to improve this? Is it a sails issue, or hull type? or technique?. Two of these are changeable the hull not.

I suspect a combination of a shallower, wider keel, more like a lump of ballast than a "fin", so that side slip is far greater than the modern fin keels. But even agains other older boats, we can' compete. This means that we have to cover a lot more ground to make the same CMG.

Any suggestions?


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