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Monitor Wind Vane

Fitting to a Rival 32
Posted: 15 Jun 2016 - By: James Davis

I have just purchased a used Monitor. It was originally ordered in 01/04/98. It was fitted on a Halberg Rassy 352.
I intend to fit it onto my Rival 32 and have seen a few photos, of the installation, which make me think I might need bent upper mounts and possibly diagonal braces. I would appreciate any information.. 
I am also interested in attaching my autohelm ST4000 to the Monitor.
The general state of the wind vane looks pretty good to me and I've carried out all the checks in in the Scanmar online guide.

I live in the Falmouth area and would also appreciate any recommendations of someone who could fit it. I'm sure I could do it myself but such an important bit of kit deserves a good going over by a specialist who knows what they are looking at. Not a 'have a go engineer' like me!

Many thanks, James Davis (Yacht Largo)


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