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Volvo Penta MD2020 Engine

Stuck fuel cut-off
Posted: 5 Jun 2016 - By: Keith Jenner

Last week I had a problem with engine loss on Sage Rival and I'd be grateful if anyone can offer a solution.

I was off Torbay, motorsailing in lumpy conditions and went to pull the engine stop. Just as I held the handle, the boat lurched and I lost my balance and fell, holding tightly to the handle.

Since then I have been unable to start the engine.

After a bit of research, I have found that there is a fault in the design of the fuel pump. It seems that if pulled hard, the fuel cut-off bar can jam in position. It's possible that I have broken the return spring.

It is a sliding metal bar with three holes in that meter the fuel supply to the three injectors and is operated by both the speed control lever, where the overlap of the holes can be varied to alter the amount of fuel allowed into the pump, and also the cut off, where the holes don't align at all.

However it is right inside the fuel pump and can't be accessed!

Volvo Penta don't advise dismantling it (they send any work out to diesel pump specialists) and a new pump is over £1000. Ouch!

So be warned - just a gentle pull until the engine stops!

I'm sure someone, somewhere will have managed a fix for this? In the mean time I intend removing the pump and getting it back home on the workbench.



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