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A new capping rail

Posted: 15 Apr 2016 - By: Paul Taylor

I thought members may be interested in work done over the winter to replace the capping rail on my R34

The teak rail on the boat when I bought her had reached the end of its life and required replacement.

Initially I thought that the new rail could, like the old one just be screwed into the "putty" filler between the hull and deck upstand.

On exposing the "putty" I decided it was not strong enough to hold the new capping rail and it was also visibly cracked in places.

In conversation with Graham, an excellent shipwright often based in the yard where the boat was, we decided to router out the "putty" and replace it with a band of Iroko, c. 1" by 1"

The new toerail was then shaped, steamed and screwed down.

I removed the old rail, Graham did all the skilled work. The results are beautiful

I hope the photos below do the job justice.


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