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Profurl L31 / N31 / N42

Posted: 12 Apr 2016 - By: Mawal

Hi all

the above furlers may have been fitted to other Rivals in the 80s and 90s. I had an L31 headsail furler on my R34 which was getting a bit difficult to rotate and the bearings were no longer operating smoothly. There is excellent information available on replacing seals and bearings. It took some time and was something of a learning experience but with minimal expenditure on circlip pliers, new bearings and seals the furling unit is working much better now & it seems well worth the effort. 

Below is a link to the info. I have some extra pictures of my own experience in doing this if anyone wants them. Also note it is only necessary to remove one seal from each part to get at the internal circlips and bearing. The remaining seal can be left in position and will slide out when the inner and outer parts of the units are moved apart, having removed sufficient circlips.

I was also advised that as I replaced the old "open" bearings with sealed bearings, there was no need to fill up the unit with grease or drill the new exit holes for the grease as recommended in the article.

And here is another approach but I didn't do this either, just used a minimal amount of grease when reassembling.



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