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Measuring from PDF plans

Posted: 31 Dec 2015 - By: Mawal

I was recently looking at options for making a trailer and trying to estimate R34 dimensions at certain points along the hull and keel. I needed some measurements which were difficult to obtain when afloat - eg height from bottom of keel to various points along the sheerline. Also it is useful to be able to measure without going down to the boat.

I printed out some of the construction plans on A4 paper and devised a formula to make mm on my printed page correspond to feet or mm in real life, by measuring in mm a known quantity on the printed page (say LOA of 34 feet).

However I later discovered a much better and easier way to do it. I downloaded the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader DC and activated the Measure option in the Tools menu.

This allows you to pick any 2 points on screen in the PDF drawing and it will tell you the distance between them.

For example using PDF 271_8b (Rival 34 construction plan 5-9-72) when I selected the stemhead and the furthest aft point on the transom, the distance on the PDF was 25.36 inches. 

The scale of the drawing is 3/4 inch = 1 foot

Therefore 25.36 inches divided by 0.75 gives a result of 33.8 feet LOA - reasonably accurate

My other post re keel measurement should possibly have been in the Technical rather than the General section. I requested a real life keel measurement - if you have read this far but not yet seen the other post, I am hoping someone will supply a measurement from an R34 which is out of the water as mine unfortunately is not yet (trailer under construction). Mine is the R34D and I hope the length / width of the different types of keel will be similar. Thanks.


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