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Shroud - 'Gibb' style T Terminal
Posted: 26 Dec 2015 - By: Morgan Waters

I recently purchased a 1984 Rival 41 AC.  Am considering re-rigging for extended cruising and am concerned about the seaworthiness of the Gibb style T fittings, which are on the upper and lower shroud stays. The boat was re-rigged in 2009 with 10mm Dyform wire and new Navtec swageless T terminals attached to swageless Norseman fittings. Looking up at the shrouds, it is clear that there is not a fair, straight trajectory from the mast to the rigging screw , as one is used to seeing on traditionally rigged vessels with mast tangs. This unfair bend is concerning and many experienced riggers seem to recommend ditching the T fittings and refit with mast shroud tangs.  Also, online, there is no small amount of derogatory criticism of these T fittings. Recently, a catamaran on a trans Pacific voyage, lost it's rig and the captain attributed the dismasting to a shroud T fitting failure. Since it seems that these fittings were standard on many Rival's , I would welcome the opinions, advises and recommendations of those who may have had some experience, one way or the other, with the Gibb style T shroud terminal. Thank You. Morgan Waters, Jupiter,Florida




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