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Stemhead - new anchor

New anchor wont fit
Posted: 27 Sep 2015 - By: Geoff Crowley

I decided that I would drag my CQR no more, so purchased a new generation anchor. But its doesn't fit the stemhead at all well. Fully pulled in the tips of the flukes of the anchor dig into the bow.

I'm thinking to extend the stemhead, but retaining the original. I'm thinking to extend only one side, about 200mm forward, probably wth a brace from the outer lower edge of the existing one.

Anyone had any experience of this?


Anchor is a Knox, similar to a Rocna, but with split flukes. It has a flat plate shank, about 12mm wide only. So the existing 2 3/8" wide slots either side need reducing to hold the anchor upright anyway.


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