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R34 Cockpit Locker Fridge

Posted: 31 May 2015 - By: Paul Taylor

My (new to me) R34, Hirta,(ex Revel) has a built in fridge under her forward port cockpit locker lid. The body of the fridge  seems to be a bespoke molding which can also be accessed from the galley. There is an evaporated plate but the compressor is missing.

Is this fridge a standard R34 feature and is it worth trying to make it work again? And if so, how might that be done?

I am unsure as to how much insulation there is round the body of the fridge, certainly none on its upper lid and none on the locker door from the galley. The fridge is fitted adjacent to the engine compartment.

The fridge also blocks access to quite a big space beneath it.


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