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cockpit locket lids

sealing them?
Posted: 3 Mar 2015 - By: Geoff Crowley

I'm slowly fixing all the points of water ingression, aiming to have a fairly dry boat.

Currently most of the water coming in comes from above the waterline. One source is the cockpit locker lids. These are quite possibly originals, in solid teak board mounted on hinges, which in turn are mounted on small square teak blocks that bolt to the cockpit sides.

When the lids are in the lower position, they sit flush on top of the cockpit locker top entry hole flanges. These fibreglass flanges are perhaps 20mm (30mm?) wide and sit parallel to the lid's undersides. The lids are cut slightly larger than the outsides of the flanges, and hang over the cockpit side perhaps 10mm.

When it rains, water wicks through the gap between lid and flange, and enters the locker. Not a lot, but in heavy rain enough to be a pest.

I tried last summer using self adhesive backed rubber type sealing material. This seemed to work OK, except for the rear edge - the long face away from the cockpit. And the reason that bit didn't work is the hinge position means that the lid doesn't close with a movement at 90 degrees to the flange, but sort of slides into position such that there's a component of movement between the two faces just before they meet. This soon works the adhesive seal loose and it falls off.


Anyone a brilliantly simple solution for this?


My ideas include a silicon bead on the flange, and making new lids with a drip shedder - a routered form on the underside that will cause drips to fall off rather than get wicked in between the lid and flange.


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