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Rival 41C Fore Hatch Options

Technical Advice Appreciated
Posted: 21 Jan 2014 - By: Sruth
I will be replacing the fore hatch and have a choice of three that will fit:-

Vetus Magnus
Lewmar Ocean 60
Bainbridge Storm

The Lewmar and Vetus only have ?20 price difference but the Bainbridge is ?60 cheaper.  All for Area 2 (foredecks) but the Brainbridge is 10 mm perspex compared to 12 on the other two.  As far looking right, rigidity, tough handles and big frames they are all very similar.

Apparently, Bainbridge directly replaces the Lewmar hatch and is claimed to be a popular hatche.  The Vetus has two additional hatch handles, one each side, while the others only have the standard 2 at the aft edge.  I wonder if Vetus fitted the extra handles for extra security or if they are needed because the frame is a bit thin.

The current one is an old Vetus job and all new hatches will have to be specially fitted onto the deck flange.  Except the Bainbridge, both the Lewmar and Vetus have a flange option i.e. the lower frame is an L shape which will be stiffer.  If I wanted to fit the flange base I will need to add an upset platform, 1 1/4" thick, to accommodate the flange.  Do you think this is worth it?

So, any comments, opinions, recommendations on these or other hatches?

The opening is 48cm square, with a 6cm wide upset on the deck to mount the flange onto i.e. a 60cm overall length/width can be accommodated.

The Rival will be used to sail offshore so it needs to be a good hatch.




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