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Stowing a Liferaft

Where on R32?
Posted: 6 Jan 2014 - By: Geoff Crowley
I used to race on a Westerly GK29 and a Sigma 41 both of which carried valise type liferafts which were not suitable for outside storage by themselves.  This was back in the 1980s so they may be packed in vacuum packs now and the valise is just an external cover to protect the vacuum bag.

If it is stored in a vacuum back them I would have no hesitation fastening it to the deck behind the mast.  I would be inclined to make a flat, slatted platform, just a little larger than the liferaft, raised just off the deck to allow water to drain away below.  Fasten the platform to the deck and life raft to the platform with a custom cover with flat cargo straps, say 2 abreast and one longitudinal.  They are relatively floppy and I think you need a something to enclose the valise in order to secure it firmly.  Straps applied directly to the liferaft could abrade the outer cover, then damage the liferaft.

Hope this helps.




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