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Rudder Bearing Query

Posted: 4 Dec 2013 - By: Keith Jenner
Today I removed the tiller and the bronze clamp from my '79 R34 so that I could check clearances.

When I removed the bottom shoe last year so I could epoxy the gap and remove the play (very easy and successful using Andrew Gardner's method) , I saw that my rudder is supported on the bottom bronze shoe, which seems to be incorrect according to posts I have read.

I measured carefully and with the bronze clamp as far down as it will go, (it rests on the shoulders that are left where the stock goes from round to square section) there is a gap between the bottom of the clamp and the top of the tufnol washer of over 9mm.

The tufnol washer is unmarked with no signs of it ever having had any load on it, nor rotation marks.

So I think I will need to add two washers before the rudder weight is supported from the top. Has anyone else had to do this?

Alternatively I could grind a little off the bottom of the stock, or drill out the bronze bottom bush, or even grind the top of the stock to extend the square section. However all these seem too extreme to me - adding washers is the easiest solution.

Another problem I anticipate is that whilst the rudder stock come through the floor vertically, the floor slopes forwards.

The height from the top of the stock to the top of the tube beneath the tufnol washer is 1.2 mm less on the after side of the stock.

Has anyone else encountered this? Do you have a wedge shaped spacer beneath the tufnol washer?


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