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Wallas paraffin heater

Posted: 29 Oct 2013 - By: Keith Jenner
Over the last 9 months or so I have repeatedly attempted to get my heater working with varied success. I have now taken it apart over 40 times and so have a fair understanding of how it works if anyone needs any input!

Today I had it running for 6 hours, so at least it is finally going - but I still believe it can be improved. However,
I am reluctant to risk spending a lot of money on a 24 year old heater and would prefer to repair if at all possible, or at least be able to prove that a part is underperforming before buying a replacement.

For instance a new combustion fan motor from Kuranda is over ?70, yet in the states I see similar motors going for less than $2.

So if anyone has a redundant heater that I could use as a source for spares I'd be grateful if you would contact me.

Thanks, Keith       jennerkeith at yahoo dot co dot uk


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