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Purchasing Lofrans Spares

Advice From A Successful Buyer
Posted: 7 Oct 2013 - By: Sruth
This advice was published today 07/10/13 on another forum regarding Lofrans spares.  It's worth try at least until it becomes clear.

The old land numbers to the Lofrans manufacturing still operate.

The fact is that commercial operations have been shifted to Genoa, which is more baricentrical to the Whole of the ex-Plastimo operations in Italy (including Nuova Rade).
Early summer I solved a problem for a friend with an old Airon. Of course I'm sitting a couple of miles from their siege.....
and also I had to pass the order through a shop which is located 150 tards from the factory.....

1) This mail (it has the old adress but should be still working): I would contact them to obtain the correct part number (imperial folks: remember that 10mm chain has two different standard measures, according it works on imperial or metric gypsies!)

2) This is the mail of the salesperson in Genoa: : if unable to get answers from 1), I'mail here the requirements.

3) This is the Request module for infos on Lalizas products in ITALY (and Lofrans is in Italy):

BEWARE: if you switch to "English" as the selected Language, You'll be transferred to the central Greek site, which implies a longer tour to get replies; may I suggest You make the effort to tick the "Privato" type of client and than proceed with your mail and write your request in plain english?

4) This is the site of the nearby shop: : here I' would place an order over the web for the part number identified under 1, 2 or 3.


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