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Navman chart Plotter and C-Map NT+

Upgrade or keep C-Map or Navionics
Posted: 20 Aug 2013 - By: Graham Crisford
I have a Navman 5500 which works perfectly well and uses C-Map NT+ series. The plotter is discontinued but I will need new charts in the future.
I am an Apple Mac fan and wonder what to do?
Advice welcome
regards Graham

Digital Yacht have been most helpful and have given me numerous links and suggestions as follows.

Dear Graham,

Further to our call this afternoon, the products I would recommend are (click on them to go to website);

Model 2000 2000 450 + VAT 2000 2000 2000 215 + VAT

The software to turn your Mac Book Pro in to a full function chart plotter is called MacENC and is available from (click to go to website);

MacENC uses Navionics electronic charts and you will need to select the area of coverage you want and buy the charts from (click to go to website);

I would definitely recommend a new VHF antenna if the one you have is old and of unknown history. Being at the top of the mast they have a very hard life and are always the last thing that people think. However a good VHF antenna will have a big impact on the range of your AIS and VHF reception and transmission.

We would be happy to supply the company that installs this for you and provide any advice and support they need.

For a suitable DC-DC Converter to power your Mac Book Pro, I would suggest....

This seems to be very good and has the special Apple magnetic "L Shaped" power connector. This is needed to ensure that it gets a stable 18.5V needed for charging the batteries from the varying 10-15v DC supply on your boat.


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