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Tankage water and diesel on R36?

Usage over an extended cruise?
Posted: 16 Aug 2013 - By: Graham Crisford
Having looked at the R36 manual I thought it best to ask all the knowledgeable people on the forum the following.
Next May we hope to travel to Portugal and Spain, crossing the Bay of Biscay which will be a very new experience for me and probably a bit frightening but I will be with 3 other people all of whom have done the journey many times before. We will be leaving from either Southampton or Milford Haven.
How much fuel is used by the Perkins M30 if extended motoring is required?
Will a tank of diesel last or will more be needed?
Water usage with 4 people.
Will a tank of water be enough for say 4 to 5 days?
Anything else I should ask?


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