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Lifting A 41C With A Crane

Crane Single Pendent Lift
Posted: 4 Aug 2013 - By: Sruth

I finally got round to moving Sruth from Largs to her refit yard near my home. 12 tonne x 20m x 0.3m slings to lift Sruth as the yard only had chains. 39;s not fun having your vessel stuck in some god forsaken truck yard with no security.

I calculated that the ends of the 20m slings wrapped round Sruth at the lift points would meet at 11.8 m off the ground. 5' from the keel. 1m from where the stern would be. 3m away.

On the night of the lift we could not position the forward sling at the correct point because of a trailer pad so just placed it at the forward point of the keel/hull joint. 1'.

The rented crane was the HIAB type and it was some piece of kit. 3-4 m radius the lifting capacity was 10 tonne, so could just lift Sruth of the transporter. 33;

Lift Out At Largs: ?450
Transporter: ?350
Slings: ?600
Crane Hire At Yard: ?400
Transport Insurance Added To Boat Insurance: ?25
Cradle eBay: ?750

HIAB That Lifted Sruth

Sruth In Her Slings

Best Regards,



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