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Perkins Perama M30

Replace with a Beta Marine Engine
Posted: 27 Jul 2013 - By: Graham Crisford
Engine Make:    Perkins
Engine Model:   Perama M30
Engine Number: KD30244 15453P.
We are having enormous problems finding an engineer to reconfigure the engine bay as suggested by our very fine surveyor David "Hoppy" Hopkins - so far it has cost quite a bit but it seems all that was wasted. It might be more cost effective to start again, but with a new engine and sell the perfectly good older engine.
Fit an appropriate Beta Marine Engine?
Which is an appropriate Beta engine?
Cost fitting the new?

Part exchange with a current Perkins engine?
Second hand value of the engine - likelihood of finding a buyer?

Surveyors report - David "Hoppy" Hopkins.
8 ENGINE COMPARTMENT date 21.08.2012.
A. The engine on this vessel appears to be in reasonable condition for its age and was found to be well installed on good, sound and well fixed engine beds.
B. The exhaust system was found to be visually in a serviceable condition and there were no signs of it having had any exhaust leaks.
C. The fuel tank, where seen, was found to be in a serviceable condition.
D. The fuel lines were found to be in a serviceable condition and there were no signs of any fuel leaks.
[E and F are irrelevant to this subject].
G. The oil in the sump was found to be visually in good condition and at its correct level.
H. The alternator pulley belt was found to be worn and ready for replacement.
I. The water in the heat exchanger was found to be visually in good condition and at its correct level, although weak on antifreeze.
1. When this vessel is commissioned, the engine should be serviced and checked over by a Perkins Agent.

5 STERN GEAR [this is the problem]
G. The stern gland on this vessel is very difficult to see as it is situated under the exhaust water trap and calorifier hot water tank.
H. Access to this stern gland is poor.
I. The rubber section of the stern gland, as far as I could see, was found to be in a serviceable condition. However, the age of this rubber is not known.
5. The lack of access to the stern gland is concerning as access should always be readily available to a stern gland and therefore, it is my opinion that the calorifier water heater requires re-siting and the exhaust water trap requires re-siting so as good access for normal maintenance of the stern gland can be achieved without major dismantling. [not done properly - twice - this is the problem]
6. Before this vessel is launched off, especially given the fact that she has been ashore for some time, the stern gland requires inspecting and then [done]


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