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Single lever control button has seized.

Perkins Perama KD30244 15453P
Posted: 16 Jun 2013 - By: Graham Crisford
I need a new 'throttle unit and/or cable' rather urgently!!!
Preferable via an online set up such as Force4 as I have an account.

Can anyone help please as I am somewhat technically challenged, no where near the boat nor a chandlers. 21.08.12

E. The engine control lever for the throttle and gears was found to be well installed, although the 29.08.12.

Engine Make: Perkins
Engine Model: Perama
Engine Number: KD30244 15453P

The single lever control button has seized in. And the control is stuck in neutral [Gearbox will go in to forward and reverse when the cable is disconnected]

Name of Vessel: 36
Designed by: Peter Brett
Hull & Deck Mouldings: Rival, Southampton
Year Built: Believed to be 1988
Fitted out by: Others
SS Reg. No.: 29853
Loa: 351010.93m
Beam: 113.35m
Draft: 61.83m


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