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Cooker upgrade for R34

Posted: 6 Apr 2013 - By: Dave Wray
I have a Flavel B700c cooker fitted into a '78 year R34. The galley is a C shape with the sink against the keyhole bulkhead. I would like to replace the Flavel for a variety of reasons. The width of the cooker insert is 47 cm. most options to replace the Flavel have a cooker width of 45 cm but with gimbals added the total width usually increases to around 48.5 cm - greater than the width of the insert. I seem to be faced with the need to make some cutouts in the insert to accommodate the gimbals but I wondered if anyone had come up with a more elegant solution. I am also minded that a 45 cm cooker will only have 1cm gap on either side of it - is this enough?


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