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Adding New Scuppers To A Rival 41C

What Is below The Gunwale?
Posted: 23 Nov 2012 - By: Sruth
I don't have a direct reply, but I undertstand that the scuppers on R32 were designed to avoid streaky stains down the exterior of the hull, by routing the drain through hoses to valved skin fittings below water level.
If you route straight outboard that staining possibility is something to consider.

Being partway through replacing some storm damaged toerail capping, I've noted that where there's a gap between the deck moulding upstand and the hull moulding, there's a foam. Its quite dense foam, but "chiselable".

The two scipper drains on each side of the R32 do drain most of the water out, when the boat is sitting untilted in the water.


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