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Possibly a stupid R38 mooring question

Posted: 11 Nov 2012 - By: Ken McCulloch (and partners)
Next season we are moving from a pontoon in a marina, to a swinging mooring. The mooring provider gives dire and eminently sensible warnings about the danger of the 38mm strop chafing through on the anchor flukes if led through the second bow roller with the anchor stowed over the bow. Various solutions occur, including moving the anchor from its normal stowage with the shank in the anchor locker when we leave the boat on her mooring. Not a very appealing prospect, we'd need some arrangement to chock the anchor securely on deck and it would be another non-trivial task to undertake when leaving the boat.

The question then is this: Is there any reason not to lead the mooring strop through one or other of the enclosed fairleads? I imagine that might mean the boat will ride at a slight angle to wind/tide compared to her neighbours, but not so much as to cause a problem, surely? We see big ships anchored with the cable going out of a pipe offset from the stem, all the time after all.


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