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R32 Rigging

R32 Rigging Wire Sizing
Posted: 9 Sep 2012 - By: Simon Harrison
R32 Rigging Sizes: I'm just about to order the rigging for my R32 Mk3 and am not sure what to specify and would be grateful for advice. The Furlex has a 7mm 1x19 forestay supplied and Selden recommend 7mm capshrouds, 6mm for the fore and aft lowers and a 7mm backstay. I have twin backstays and the rigger advises that twin 6mm backstays would be sufficient. The forestay, cap and quarter chainplates will all take toggles for rigging screws for 7mm wire but the four lower chain plates would need modification to take toggles for screws larger than for 6mm wire. All advice and comments welcome.[B][/B]


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