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Bukh engine mounts - sources and prices

Posted: 6 Sep 2012 - By: Brian Day
I am re-installing a Bukh 20 in my Rival 34 and wanted to replace the engine mounts since they looked worn out

I have done some research and come up with the following conclusions

several firms offer the official Bukh mounts including bolts,shims and washers ?171.50 plus VAT plus PP ?153.26 plus VAT plus PP = ?183.90 plus ?12 ?153.26 plus VAT plus PP

a special offer was available from for ?120 but they are out of stock with no forecast of any change

you can get just the mounts from Robush - they are UK agents for who are the manufacturers in sweden are very helpful and can supply the RAB- 2 mounts
a quick chat with becky got a special offer of ?78.44 for 4 mounts and VAT and standard post included (?5)
this is about ?20 below their list - they are happy to accept other orders at this price

I think it possible to get the Bukh shim kit for around ?20 - awaiting quote

there are several other suppliers of anti vib mounts that may be cheaper where you have full design control

the latter advertise on ebay and have similar mounts for ?13.99 and ?4.99 each
the Bukh mounts are very low at just 30mm, randd mounts are 42mm or more

some mounts use height adjusters - these look easy to use but are designed for stationary use as holding the engine up in the air by 20mm or so could experience huge stresses when a boat is pounding through waves while supporting a 220Kg engine

the av sell 12mm height adjusters for ?3.99
Robush do Height adjusters for ?6.15 plus VAT



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