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Aries fit for Rival 32

fitting wind vane steering
Posted: 5 Aug 2012 - By: Neill Cordingley
Hi.  I am looking at fitting an Aries wind vain self steering to my rival 32 (1972), which used to have one fitted under a previous owner.  It has two holes in the transom which were part of the attaching apparatus.  Does anyone with a Rival 32 have an Aries fitted, and would it be at all possible to have a photo/s of this so that I can see what I require to fit a second hand windvane from another boat.

I am figuring that it is going to be easier to fit an Aries, since some of the fittings (two holes in transom) are still present.  I cannot see any sign of former fittings on the aft deck above the transom which is puzzling me.  Any thoughts folks?

Any info guidance would be gratefully received. I have contacted Helen Franklin Bell and Mctrashop (aluminium poles), but still do not have the full picture.


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